"I loved having for KING & COUNTRY as part of my fortieth birthday party on The View. As the mother of a teenage daughter, I believe this film and novel is a powerful story that needs to be shared with the world."
Candace Cameron Bure, Actress, Talk Show Host, Producer, and New York Times Best-Selling Author
"Throughout the PRICELESS story, Joel and Luke courageously stand on the front lines of a real culture war, vividly illustrating what it means to protect, cherish, and honor women and family."
Elisabeth Hasselbeck, TV Personality, Best-Selling Author, and Mom
"PRICELESS is a film that was featured at the 2016 Bentonville Film Festival. The reaction to this powerful film was raw, emotional and filled with hope. The BFF is a champion of women and diversity in film and Priceless portrays that message by understanding value, honor and respect and the sacrifice it takes to set that example for all of us."
Trevor Drinkwater, Chief Executive Office, ARC ENTERTAINMENT
"A beautifully made film. PRICELESS reveals the power of love to overcome unspeakable darkness. Powerful and compelling. PRICELESS is a movie that stays with you long after you leave the theater. PRICELESS will shake you to your core. It might even change you. A gripping and thrilling story about the power of love to overcome the greatest of evils. It's gritty. It's real. It doesn't sugar coat the truth. PRICELESS is no ordinary Christian film."
Nathan Harden, author of Sex and God at Yale
"The PRICELESS Film is beautifully made and tells a compelling story that needs to be told to audiences in the United States and throughout the world. The global epidemic of human trafficking is impacting every corner of the world and is going exponentially in Southern California as well. I strongly encourage all community and faith leaders to watch this film and compel others to watch it as well. This film enables us to gain a glimpse into this tragic issue and encourages us to take a step of action to bring an END to the trafficking of children and women."
Dr. Skip Lanfried, Global Freedom
"PRICELESS shows how one hurting person, committed to unselfish love, rescues hurting people from the destructive pain and powers of evil. It is a story that captivates you every moment and motivates you to act for those who cannot help themselves. PRICELESS reminds you that love costs and someties it hurts, but in the end it wins."
Phil & Deobbie Waldrep, Founders, Women of Joy
"God can use the church to bring an end to modern day slavery and human trafficking. It is one of the greatest issues we face and it is impacting our families and friends in the most devastating way. On October 14 a film called PRICELESS will open in theaters around the country. PRICELESS is a movie about love, rescue and redemption that will make you want to do something about these injustices! I implore all churches associated with the NHCLC and every Latin American church in the country to mark their calendar and fill up theaters around the country! Let's see what God can do when the capital C church shows up!"

Spanish Version

"Dios puede usar la iglesia para poner fin a la esclavitud moderna y el trafico humano. Es uno de los mayores problemas que enfrentamos y que esta afectando a nuestras familias y amigos de una manera devastadora. El 14 de octubre una pelicula llamada PRICELESS abrira en teatros alrededor del pais. PRICELESS se trata de amor, rescate y redencion y te provocara hacer algo de estas injusticias. Imploro a todas las iglesias asociadas con la NHCLC y toda iglesia latina que marque su calendario y llenen los teatros. Veamos lo que Dios puede hacer cuando la Iglesia con i mayuscula actua. "
Sammy Rodriguez
"I've really enjoyed becoming friends with Joel & Luke. I love the way they spread the PRICELESS message in how they live their lives, both on and off the stage, and this movie comes at the perfect time! Our generation is longing to hear that they have meaning, and I am so proud of these guys for reminding women that they are Priceless."
Sadie Robertson
"Jon and I just had the privilege of seeing for King and Country's new film PRICELESS. The story sucked us in and poetically conveyed a critically important subject. Joel Smallbone delivers a powerful performance in the lead role. Believe me you will hear more from these filmmaking brothers in the future! We love the heartfelt thought behind Priceless. I know the passion for protecting and honoring women runs deep in the individuals behind this movie. Definitely an important film."
The Erwin Brothers, The Filmmakers of WOODLAWN
"After watching PRICELESS I am reminded of the important role men play in either degrading or honoring women. We as men must choose a path of respect and I believe this film shows the courageous journey of a man that chose that path well."
Coach Hugh Freeze, Head Coach, University of Miss
"On behalf of the men, women and children trapped in slavery here in America and around the world, thank you. Thank you for shining a light on slavery through this beautiful film. We are honored to partner with PRICELESS and hope its message will inspire a new wave of awareness and FREEDOM!"
Jenni Brown, Campaign Director, The END IT Movement
"PRICELESS addresses one of the most pressing issues of our times: human trafficking. This suspenseful drama is entertaining and engaging. It challenges the viewer to wake up to the invisible trade going on all around us and ask the difficult questions about an important topic."
Sr. Kathleen Bryant, RSC, Religious Sisters of Charity
"We've seen Joel & Luke come and preform at many of our Celebrate Recovery Summits and we've witnessed firsthand how their lyrics have moved hearts. Now we're excited to see their how this movie Priceless challenges and affects lives."
John Baker, Founder of Celebrate Recovery
"This is a beautiful story about the value we have, the extent love will go to find us, and how God see’s us for who we’re becoming rather than who we were."
Bob Goff, Author of the New York Times Bestseller Love Does